Biggest Number of Accidents at Power Lines in Irkutsk Region Happens in Mamsko-Chuyskiy District

The first deputy chairman of the government of the Irkutsk region Nikolay Slobodchikov ordered the management of Oblkommunenenrgo to submit their suggestions on the reconstruction of the power transmission line Slyudyankd-Sogdiondon to the government of Priangarye, as well as to finish the rerconstruction of the power transmission line Sogdiondon – Gornaya Tchuya in 2013.

In the cases of emergency the power supply of remote villages will also be provided by Oblkommunenergo – to enable this it is necessary to put in order the diesel power plants in Gornaya Tchuya and Sogdiondon in the nearest possible date. 250 tons of diesel fuel have been reserved in the area for this purpose.
The housing and communal utilities sphere in the north of Priangarye must develop dynamically and progressively, which to a considerable degree depends on the stable electricity and heat supply. It is these issues that the intensified attention of the experts and local authorities must be paid to, Nikolay Slobodchikov said summing up the result of his working visit to the Mamsko-Tchuyskiy and Bodaybinskiy districts.

In the Mamsko-Tchuyskiy district the members of the governmental committee, with the participation of the deputy chairman of the regional government Nikolay Khitsenko and the minister of housing policy, energy and transport Yevgeniy Seledtsov, visited a number of housing and communal as well as power facilities in the villages of Mama, Gornaya Tchuya, Sogdiondon, examined the power grid facilities of the area. The general director of OAO Oblzhilkomkhoz Nikolay Popov and the acting general director of Oblkommunenergo Vladimir PAgnayevtook part n the work of the committee.

The biggest number of accidents at power transmission lines in the Irkutsk region happens in the Mamsko-Tchuyskiy district. In 2007 the power grids with the worn-out ration close to 100% were given under the control of Oblkommunenenrgo. Nowadays it is into this region that the power company directs a considerable volume of investment. These funds ensure the reconstruction of the power line 110 kv Mamakan-Muskovit, which enables the life activities of the villages of Muskovit, Sogdiondon, Mama, Vitimskiy, Gorno-Tchuyskiy, Lugovskiy.

Besides, the members if the committee attended a number of heat sources in the district center and the villages and inspected their readiness to operating in the winter heating season. It was pointed out that the district is in need of replacing the worn-out and conductive to accident heat, water, sewage and electrical power grids. The local authorities were ordered to prepare investment projects on the grids repairs, integrate them into the long-term regional programs of housing and communal facilities upgrade and broaden the directions of state-private partnerships.

In the Bodaybinskiy district the members of the committee inspected the progress of the reconstruction of the heat supply system of the town of Bodaybo. The execution of this project results in closing seven masut boiler houses and transferring their load to the upgraded coal heat source on the basis of the boiler house CHB-1.

Also in the course of this trip the members of the regional government visited the village of Kropotkin, the fragment of the auto route under construction Bodaybo-Kropotkin, the airports of the villages of Mama and Bodaybo. There have been meetings with the activists of the districts.

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