Substation Krasnopolskaya to Give Push to Development of North-Western Area of Chelyabinsk

A grand launch of a new power facility took place in Chelyabinsk yesterday. The Chelyabinsk City Grids of the branch of the OAO IDGC of Urals – Chelyabenergo completed the construction of the substation 110 KW Krasnopolskaya. The cost of the construction amounted to 301.5 rubles.

This is an object of strategic importance for Chelyabinsk.

“The new substation “Krasnopolskaya” will allow to build two million square meters of housing in the north-west of Chelyabinsk”, — the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich emphasized. — The substation will provide electricity for the perspective and actively developing residential quarters of the Kurchatovskiy district, as well as the socially important objects”.

“The construction of the Krasnopolskaya substation lasted six months, — the Deputy Director General of OAO IDGC of Urals – the director of the Branch Chelyabenergo Igor Butakov, — the Total capacity of the transformer installed at the substation comprises 80 MVA. The power facility has the modern home manufactured equipment with remote control, which means that it does not require continuous presence of the personnel, it is managed via a computer”.

In the construction and assembly of the substation the compact equipment, which is very efficient in the conditions of the urban construction, was used. These are high-voltage leads 110 kv with solid insulation; disconnectors 110 kv with motor-driven starters, which can be operated both in remote and manual modes. The modern sulphur hexafluoride switches with the service life of no less than 40 years were mounted in the outdoor switchgear 110 kv. In the cells of the indoor switchgear 10 kv the spring-actuated vacuum circuit breakers with the high degree of stability. The equipment successfully underwent the full complex of tests for compliance with the Russian standard requirements.

During the last five years Chelyabinsk has had three substations commissioned: Kashirinskaya, MAssivnaya and Granitnaya, which provide electricity for the city’s growing needs. The General Director of OAO IDGC of Urals Valeriy Rodin called the launch of the substation Krasnopolskaya an apt example of the esecution of the investment program of the power company: “The energy complex of Chelyabinsk region is successfully developing, the investment program of Chlyabenergo, confirmed by the Unified Tariff Authority opf the Chlyabink region, comprises nine billion rubles and will be executed within the next five years”.

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