Boiler Houses in Tomsk To Use Alternative Fuel

Boiler houses in Tomsk Region are going to switch from oil to alternative fuel. Such announcement was made by the Governor of the region Victor Kress in the course of the staff meeting, RIA Novosti reports. According to the information of the agency, the changes will take place in the framework of the preparation of the region to the heating season.

Due to the boiler houses’ transition to the kinds of fuel alternative to oil, the regional budget will save about 12 million rubles in Verkhneketcky district alone, — the news agency quotes from the Governor’s press-secretary Andrey Ostrov’.

He explained that the oil prices are going up all the time and it is expensive to use it as fuel. At the same time Tomsk region has considerable forest resources and waste products of timber processing can be used as fuel. Besides, in the north of the region there are nor only oil but also gas deposits.

‘The Governor approved of the program of the preparation to the heating season, in the framework of which it is planned to cut the number of boiler houses running on oil. In particular, in Verkhneketsky district this will allow to save 4.5 thousand tons of oil or 12 million rubles of budget funds, and to make use of thousands of cubic meters of wood waste,’ – said Ostrov pointing out that at the moment it is difficult to give exact figures of saving.

He added that the question of fuel to which boiler houses are going to be switched will be solved on case-by-case basis: some boiler houses will use gas, some will run on wood (in the north of the region there is a developed timber industry) ‘and some will even use coal’.

Also Ostrov said that the process of boiler houses optimization is going on in the region at the moment, the number of boiler houses has already fallen twice: ‘we used to have more than a thousand boiler houses, now we have 562’.

Apart from that, in the course of the staff meeting Viktor Kress gave the task of preparing a project of gas supply provision to Sredny Vasyugan in Karagsok district.

Photo: Victor Kress

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