First Russian Industrial Biogas Plant Opens in Russia

Biogas plant Luchki

“In the nearest future 130-150 bio plants with the capacity of 230-250 MW will be built in the Belgorod region”, — said the head of Altenergo company, the deputy of the Belgorod regional Duma Viktor Filatov.

A grand opening of the biogas plant “Luchki” belonging to the company Altenergo took place in the Prokhorovskiy district. This is the first I industrial biogas plant in Russia, which is built for processing the waste products of a meat-ware factory and the selection and hybrid center of the Agro-Belogorye Group. This small plant with the capacity of 2.4 MW can supply electrical energy for the people of the Prokhorovskiy district during the year.

The acting Governor of the Belgorod region Evgeniy Savchenko pointed out that in Germany, which territory is non-comparable with Russia in terms of area, there are 10 thousand operating bio energy plants, and he expressed confidence that in ten hears our country will have no less.

The biog gas plant “Luchki” will process about 75 thousand tons of farm animal waste, generating 19.6 million kWh of electrical and 18.2 gigacalories of heat energy, as well as over 66.8 tons of highly effective organic biofertilizers. The technological process at the plant was started in March 2012. On June 15 the plant produced first portion of bio gas. On June 26 the generators released to the grid the first “green” energy, and on August 5 its volume exceeded 1 million Kwh. On September 16 the biogas plant “Luchki” reached the designed capacity: the daily maximum of production comprised 51 362 KWh. On the whole the power facility has already produced over 2 million KWh, the pilot fields of the region have received about 2 700 tons of biofertilizers.

The project was executed within the framework of the long-term special purpose program “Creating industrial facilities to process waste products of the agricultural enterprises of Belgorod region in 2012-2014”. Initially it presupposed the installation of the three types of alternative energy sources: wind turbines, solar panels and the largest in Russia bio gas plant with the capacity of 2.4 MW. At present all the energy sources have been successfully commissioned. The project is aimed at raising energy safety and reducing the environmental impact in the agribusiness area of operation.

There are over one thousand agribusiness enterprises in the region, which produce about 15 million tons of organic waste each year. It is possible to get about 230 MW of capacity by means of processing them at the bio gas plants, thus providing electrical energy and heat for over one million residents of the region (75% of population). At present the region produces only slightly over 5% of electrical energy. In the process of execution of the regional program on renewable energy sources development the share of electrical energy generated from alternative sources will rise considerably by 2020.

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