Commission of RF Minenergo to Identify Causes of Power Outage in Sheremetyevo Airport

Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal D

The Energy Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak signed an order of creating the commission to define the causes of the accident, which happened on September 12 2012 — the de-energized power line 110 kV Sterbeevo-Airport and the power outage at the Terminal D of the Sheremetevo Airport.

The commission headed by the Deputy Energy Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kurbatov includes the representative of the energy companies, regulatory authorities, field- specific federal and regional executive bodies.

The expert of the commission are to find out the causes of outages and carry out the evaluation of the sufficiency and efficiency of the measures, taken by OAO MOESK in the course of emergency recovery works at the above mentioned power line, to work out the suggestions on the prevention of such accidents.
After the 2-week term the commission will submit the corresponding final report to the Minenergo of Russia.
It should be reminded that on September 12 2012 at 8:50 Moscow time the international airport Sheremetyevo saw a power outage, connected with the voltage surge at one of the transformer substations of the Northern Power Grids company (the branch of OAO MOESK).

The airport Sheremetyevo was promptly switched to the reserve power sources. This caused the short duration failure in the Terminal D, which resulted in the failures in the aoirport systems responsible for passengers registration and luggage handling. Aeroflot had to delay domestic and international flights.

According to the press-service of MOESK, the cause of the power outage was the violation of safe operation of power lines by an outside organization: the truck-mounted crane approached the power line 110 kV at the unwarrantable distance, which caused the flashover of the cable and an automatic cut-off.

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